Firewall for the Occult World


'Octozone' is the research concept & project of two Irish nationals from Dublin. The duo first met in a school yard over 20 years ago where they discovered their mutual passion for music. An opportunistic random meeting in Paris 10 years later would again expose a deep and shared passion for knowledge, arts and all things occult.

Both are prolific researchers and each brings a speciality in Etymology and Gematria/Numerology respectively. They are both driven by a deep passion for learning, knowledge and understanding - and a desire to disseminate the output of same. It is their aim to post challenging information that sets a new direction and focus for the occult research community in general.

In essence, both don't believe its relevant who they are, as what's really important is the actual information they present. They are, however, dedicated seekers of knowledge who have sacrificed a great deal both financially and personally to acquire this knowledge and bring it people who want to know. They have no (hidden) agenda and are not affiliated with any organisation whatsoever but self-independent thinkers.  Their aim is not to make you 'believe' or 'convenience' you, but to make you aware of important information. They are genuine, honest and humble in their approach to reach a diverse audience and impact the occult research community through new and original concepts.


Octozone is dedicated to all the great occult researchers. Thank you for your contribution and inspiration.