The 8 Boundary

8 is symbolic of boundaries of time and space

The diagram below illustrates that numbers explain different stages in a cycle and they reflect each other, for example: 1,8, 2,7 3, 6, 4,5

The diagram IS NOT a scientific model but rather a way to illustrate the concept.

This is Paul McCartneys latest video where they use CGI to animate a dancer as Paul's younger self.


We see Paul later as himself in real time:  There is a reference to TIME TRAVEL:
 Note that the outside of the star of david has the 888 crown.

and how the 888 grid seems to indicate the outer limits of "time and space"

This picture illustrates the 888 grid boundary.  

So the video begins in a Hot-el. There are two states in physics of energy. Expansion and contraction. Heat causes expansion.

There is a sound at the beginning that indicates the camera has come out of a elevator.

notice how E and c(3) comes towards you

McCartney as his younger self appears from out of room No. 8.

Now notice there is a colour change when the camera gets to room 6.

We believe that this 6 means the cube (6) which is symbolic of everything of the physical world.

Notice how the vegetation grows:


Observe the sequence of colours that resemble light energies stages.


It starts with red - orange - yellow - green.

At the end of the dance (which is a symbol of energy in flow), he comes to a door which is room number 3.

Looking at the diagram below.

123 in numerology is always significant of the numbers of the mind and from 4-8 is symbolic of the physical world.

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