8 - Digest - Ate - Eat

These are a list of alchemical symbols:

notice how the figure 8 is linked to digestion:


Digestion is a cycle - The digestive processes are ingestion, propulsion, mechanical digestion, chemical digestion, absorption, and defecation/elimination.

that is why 8 is connected to it.

Anything that consumes time or creates into the 3rd dimension is in fact a thing of 8. The physical world and that which is anything to
do with physical reality and external reality is an angram of ate = 8.


English ordinal EO 26

Full reductiion(FD) 8

Definition of eat:

Transitive verb:

1 : to take in through the mouth as food : ingest, chew, and swallow in turn

2a : to destroy, consume, or waste by or as if by eating expenses ate up the profits gadgets that eat up too much space
b : to bear the expense of : take a loss on the team was forced to eat the rest of his contract

3a : to consume gradually : corrode cars eaten away by rust
b : to consume with vexation : bother what's eating you now

4 : to enjoy eagerly or avidly : lap —used with up it was an amazing performance and the crowd ate it up

5 usually vulgar : to perform fellatio or cunnilingus on —often used with out

n(eat) (controlling space)

h(eat)= temp(time)reture cycles increased for warm decreased for cold

cav(eat) a warning "let him beware" warn signs usually are seen in octogons

tr(eat)y EO =89 FD=26 contract determined by time and Dates(8s)

b(eat) EO- 28 time in space

Th(eat)re E0 77 = 7times7=49 4 times 9 =36 666 18

m(eat) 39 3 times 9 24 2 times 4 = 8



d(eat)h eo= 38 888 24 time up

rep(eat) time in cycle

Sw(eat) eo= 68 perspir(ate)

Don't eat....

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