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Baal is simple terms means 'Owner' or 'Lord'.

But there are several different Baals names mentioned in the religious texts.

Perhaps that is purposely done to create confusion?

But when one goes through the various Baals mentioned, it becomes clear they are all manifestations of the one worship and its various aspects.

It is clear that they are related to all the abrahamic religious systems.

Baal Hammon was associated with the RAM and depicted with Horns.

Baal Finger

When this trickster picked up his gRAMmy award for his role in the joker.

Notice how he points to his eye using what is known at the baal/baphamet finger. It represents a phallus.

It's a signal to all those in 'the know' and widely used throughout Hollywood. Its part of 'Octo Ring' signalling.


The most famous 'Baal Finger' of all time.

aal was actually the God of Fertility and the origin of that word is 'fruitful'.

Baal Tiara


Moses the giver of the ten commandments.

April Baal Connection

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