Moon Moods

The moon can teach us many things about how we see reality. For one, the idea of how things can decieve by appearence.
To illustrate this philosophy:

There are times in the month the moon APPEARS like this.

To say to oneself that is what the moon looks like is an illusion.

Because you are reLYING on one part of the complete story.

On a full moon the 14th day of a moon cycle the moon looks like this a fuller picture.

Another aspect is how the moon is not all that it APPEARS is that it doesnt generate its own light.

The light we see comes from the rays of the sun and the change of it appearence is cased by the shadow that earth casts over the moon.


This is why the moon is related to the sun in many myths and fairytales as they are married and rely on each other.

It is related to themes of illusion and deception in the accent myths.


There are eight phases of the moon which develope over 28 days (29.53 to be exact)

The moon has given us the word for the 12 devisions of the year called the months (moon th).

This is because the moons follow the moon cycles and Monday (Moon Day) because the first day of the month starts on a new moon.

When the moon is new and begins the month. You see nothing. Its called a new moon or black moon.

 A new moon is the first phase of the moon. It is when the Sun and the moon are aligned, and the Sun and the Earth will be on opposite sides of the moon.

The moon is born from black.

You can use two words to help you determine what period (menstral cycle min-stral) the moon is in during the month.

When the moon is waxing or heading towards its full power it is know as waxing and it developes in the shape of a 'P'.

Think of the word premiere the first or the word power the moon is on its way to full power.

another is to remember that wolves and dogs howl at the moon

When the moon is young and growing in power you can imagine a puppy,

and when the moon is waning in power you can imagine a sleeping dog (adult).

For those of you who already know the sign of cancer and its relationship with the moon. You can use the numbers hidden in its symbol 6 and 9.

 6 like P faces right  for waxing

and d like 9 faces the left for waning.

A lot of information can be decoded from the letters in the word moon in order to remember the information.

M = 13th letter of the alphabet and can be used to remember that there will be 13 moons on a blue moon year

O = 6th letter of the alphabet and because there is two  6 + 6 = 12 can be remembered that there are 12 moons in a year.

N = 14th letter there are 14 days to each face of the moon (waxing/maxing = moon)

If you divide 6 by 9 you get:

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