The Number 9 in Gematria


Here something to help you when doing addition in gemetria

simple reduction or full reduction

but may also profoundly change your perspective

in numerology we reduced an answer to 1 digit


5+6=11 1+1=2=2

it is the technique used most in numerology and it based on the numbers vibrational energy

watch the pattern see if you get it.

what is a reduction of this number 9945999=?

lets do the maths


                          18 22 27 36 45=45=9

what is the reduction of this number




what is the reduction of this number


and this


what is the reduction of


phew thats an aweful alot of number to end up with a result of 3

so get your calculator out

or you could just seperate every number that isnt 9 from the pack of numbers and add up all the numbers that are not 9

21=3                                    (ignore) 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999(ignore)

same result

how does that work?

9 is a mystic number and is in fact invisible

it cancels itself out

it gains nothing

2+9=11(2) we gain nothing from it 

3+9=12(3) damn we still didnt gain anything

and when we multiply it

3X9=27(9) we still gain nothing


when you see this in a shop

our brain is dealing with frequency/vibration of the information first and onlys sees the 5 because 9 is invisible

then our conscious brain does the quantity maths and realises that it isnt 5 dollars

its 5.99 which is in fact 1 cent away from 6 dollars 99 cent more then we first thought it was

this is a slight of hand to get you the illusion that the product is cheaper to your subconscious

prices like 2.27 or 3.81 or 4.45 6.36 do the same because they all 2.27(9) 3.81(9)

the jedi mind trick

now you know why the number 666 is used as a hand signal when someone is trying to speak to your subconscious

6+6+6=18 (9)

and you also know now why nobody sees octogon when its all over the place

1 and 8 = 9

his is an 8(octogon) which makes it also a 1 at the same time it is the start and end of a wave cycle

 making it a 1 and 8 at the same time

making it 1 + 8 = 9 at the same time

the number of illusion 9 and all its sisters and brothers

1 and 8 (duality reflecting)

2 and 7 (duality reflecting)

3 and 6 (duality reflecting)

4 and 5 (duality reflecting)

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