The Trickster Code Part I

Did you ever play this "game" as a child ?

Obviously chestnuts or conkers have symbolic meaning in that they signify autumn (when they appear) so they are a


in several ways.....

A string is a measure of length (notice how the child shortens the string for more accuracy - like how it is advised to use smaller increments of space for more accuracy of measure).

and a conker is a measure of weight(if the conker is too light it will not stand the test of time)

and how do you test if you conker is good enough? you need WATER and the laws that g"over"n water

The realm of Marine Law or Admiralty law

or the laws of w-eights and measures


Bruce Lee said that strength does not make a punch it is all about speed and ACCURACY

and speed is measured in TIME and DISTANCE (di=2 stance-standing point= from one stance to another stance)

so knowing w-eight and measures might make you a conquerer(conker) of all conkers

and how does one conquer theses matters well that is our quest.

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