The Trickster Code Part II

Anything that is secret is inherently magic.

The word 'Magic' comes from the word 'Magnetism'. Magnetism is an unseen natural law.

Magic has the powers of attraction.


Born from the Pulse di-electric radial wave.

But magicians reveal rabbits, not tricks. so don't look to them to tell you where and what real magic is!

A trick means "a tangle of difficulties"


Angles give you perspective coming from  the latin specere "to look" .

If you make the angle difficult you abscure the perspective or how it looks.

Perspective is dictated by:

Watch this 'Rabbit out of a Hat' trick to will understand the nature of the trick.

The technical ingredients are the magician with two hands (master).


5 elements:

1. A black hat (Origin)

2. A table(To conceal the black bag holding the rabbit)

3 .A black bag (Cover-up)

4. A red cloth (Diversion)

5. A white rabbit (Result)

However, the key to the trick isn't revealed at all in this video.

The technique is revealed (the physical) but not the wisdom(the key), that allowed the trick to work.

The key to the trick is principle of appearence. Because the trick is about appearences which is a physical state dictated by a universal law called vibration (atoms at difference frequencies vibrate to produce solid matter and color is produced by reflections from that matter).

It is also not explained how the truth plays essential part for the trick to work.

The magician shows you a hat which directs your attention towards his hat in order to show you there is nothing up his sleve.


Moreover, it is true that the rabbit (Result) will appear from the hat and that there is nothing up his sleve (on this occasion).

The truth is being told to you because it is needed to direct your attention where you expect a result (to direct your perspective). While you do that it allows him to use the law of 'Cause and Effect' - another Universal Law to direct your attention towards the cloth in the colour of red [ "action". (diversion)]. This causes you to look and the effect is that you don't look at his hand putting the rabbit in "cover up bag" in the hat.


When he places the diversion "the cloth", he is also revealing that it's a diversion because clothes are used to conceal and cover up. But it is not the real "cover up".

Technically it's the black bag known as a "cover up" and the table which make up the two essential physical ingredience. One conceals the bag (the table) and the other conceals the rabbit (the result). The success is due to the bags having the exact same color as the hat appearence.

The magician never tricks you. He uses universal law so that you willingly trick yourself. by directing you through it.

Once you stop following his directions, the power of the trick doesn't work. Hereafter you can always walk away and he doesn't get paid.

A very important part of the trickster code.


In this version of the trick, a hook is used to hang the cloth containing the rabbit.

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