Resident Evil - 2016


who has a significant birthdate connected to Saturnalia.

'The Umbrella Corporation is an international pharmaceutical company in the Resident Evil universe....their legitimate status is only a front for their secret research of "bio-organic weapons" (B.O.W.s), developed through the use of a unique virus discovered by the company founders'

NOTE: The symbol is an OCTAGON and colours Red &


Gamers Find Scary Connection Between Resident Evil and Coronavirus Outbreak
'It's been noted online that there are some weird connections between the coronavirus and Capcom's Resident Evil franchise. Besides the obvious link of Resident Evil's plot generally revolving around viral outbreaks, it turns out that there is a biological research lab in Wuhan, China with a logo that looks exactly like a color-swapped Umbrella Corporation logo.'


...........................................THE OCTAGON



Note in the media they call it an 'Umbrella Virus'

January 2020: The Internet is buzzing with a forthcoming potential release of 'Resident Evil 8' .
- 'Re' = do it again, repeat, go back
- 'Ident' = a thing similar to you
- '8' = Octagon
i.e. They are going back and re-invent one's 'ident'.


Note the highlighted roman numerals of VIII [ 8 ]  in 'Village'.

                         8th                                                               AGE

November 2021

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