Getting Started

What is OctoZone?

OctoZone is an occult research project from two Irish nationals from Dublin. ['Occult' is a latin word which means 'Hidden']. It represents an authentic and original approach  to the study of what is called the 'Occult Sciences'.

The basic premise of Octozone is that there exists an Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) on planet earth called 'Octagon' and that this entity is guiding the earth and mankind towards a pre-defined set of goals. The hypothesis is based on extensive research over many years.  'Octagon' is the supreme form of power in the world and controls its affairs through 'Administrators'. This EBE has embeded its presence on earth in every conceivable facet of life - be it religion, sports, films, buildings, television or fashion. In the categories opposite, we have presented our research for the presence of 'Octagon' in those areas. The research is based on the principle of 'Pattern Recognition' applied across 4 different research areas. Namely;

1) Symbology 2) Etymology 3) Numerology 4) Chromatics

Each of these areas is broken down into further detail in this section.

We will present how that knowledge has been controlled and occulted (hidden) and where it is hidden (in plain sight). We will present how there is control system that thrives on our ignorance of that knowledge which is subverted and used against us, to enslave us and limit our ultimate potential.

That system is presently known as Octagon.[ or 'Octogon' , 'Octogone', or 'Octo']

Who is the website intended for?

At its core, it is for all those who seek out knowledge for its ultimate power -  wisdom. It is for those who love knowledge, learning, and a deep desire 'to know' what is going on in the world.  Its a great place if your a novice researcher starting out as we have tried to keep things as simple as possible. However, if your a connoisseur of occult research, Octozone is a also a great place to expand your knowledge base - so dive in!

You will absolutely need to come to this research with an open mind and a willingness to explore occult concepts never before seen. We can assure you that any time that you invest in our research will be rewarded. Thus, you need to spend many hours researching the information contained on in order to fully understand the magnitude what we are dealing with.  Additionally, be aware that the subject matter that Octozone deals with can, at times,  be quite challenging,  emotive and controversial. So take it at your own pace. It is not our intension to offend anyone, but to educate! So be aware of the potential for 'Cognitive Dissonance' -  a process whereby mental conflicts can occurs when one's belief system is contradicted by new information. Even if you don't 'agree' or understand our hypothesis, you will still learn many useful things along the way.

Keep in mind that OctoZone is currently a work in progress and will be for some time. New information and concepts are evolving all the time, Indeed, we are looking for people to build upon our research and present their own findings on social media using the hashtag #octozone.

Let's Start!

The 'Octo Basics' section contains several links organised in a logical progression order. Simply go through each page in a descending manner until concluded.

- The Octo Model: This page outlines the 'Octo Model' power structure of the world and the various representations used by this power. For example; Symbology.

- Octo AnalysisThis page details the '4 Filters of Octo Analysis' model. This is probably the most important page of the website to understand.

- Origins & Evolution of Octo?: This page explores the possible origins of the 'Octo' entity. For example, the Anunnaki, the Vatican, etc.

- Vatican Flags & Colour Codes: This page explores the colours schemes (and symbolism) of the Vatican, Rome, and Communism.

- Octo Codes & Tools:  This page provides a set of codes and tools that will help you to understand and analyse all sorts of information you will encounter on your research journey.

 After you have  finished the 'Octo Basis' section, you are now ready to view the information contained in the 'Categories' section. Pick an area that interests you most and progress it from there. Refer back to these pages as often as is required. Good luck!

Finally, "FIREWALL FOR THE OCCULT WORLD" - What does this mean?

OctoZone's slogan [Etymol: 'Battle Cry'] is "Firewall for the Occult World"  -  Let's us explain. As you know, a computer Firewall prevents system intrusion by hackers or virus attacks. It acts as a defence between you and it. The same is true for Occult Knowledge. You can create a Firewall for your mind by acquiring the necessary knowledge and tools to filter incoming information using different filters to catch the malevolent data. It takes time. The more knowledge you acquire, the bigger your Firefall will be against somebody else's malicious intentions. By not allowing this data into your conscious or unconscious mind, you are protecting yourself against the 'mind control' - 'predictive programme' power it holds. It is, in effect, rendered powerless. You define the boundaries of where and when your Firewall begins!