Why Don't We - '8 Letters' - Music Video - 2018

Why dont we"

8 letters

Its all the same story.

Just another group of puppets brought in to programme the young about;


Seperation and cognitive dissonance.

Any reason why they might be flashing horn signs and wearing the number 8?

 The key to this video is theytheir own



The video begins with a boy sitting on a chair with a turquoise shirt surrounded by floating debris.

Which represents the freezing of the atomic state (Vibrations) which allows us to see the separation of elements.

Seperate the word chair (5 letters) and you get:

C  H  Air

C = Light = Sun (Heart Chakra) 3

H= Hydrogen = Water = Moon (Crown Chakra) 8Air = Mercury the mind communication (Blue Chakra)

So you have the ingredience for an alchemcial spell.

Sun (Gold)

Moon (Silver)

and Mercury (bonds them together as 8 represents the merging of the Sun=0 to the Moon=0 give the 8 and symbol of time)

For these five boys represent the pentagram = 5 elements of energy.  Everything is shattered and up in the air.


The cross in the background is called the fixed cross or saint andrews cross and denotes the fixs points of the zodiac.

These points are considered the most stable and consistent parts of each season.


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