Lady GaGa - VMA's [Video Music Awards] 2020



Playing with our brains/minds

This symbolism can be traced back to the mid 1950's with a movie called 'THE SPACE CHILDREN'. It was very popular in its day. This film has an interesting premise which is that it's a pacifist movie. The number of pacifist science fiction movies from the 50's you can count on one hand. A group of kids who are the progeny of rocket scientists working on a secret weapon come under the power of an Alien brain which directs them to sabotage the instruments of war their parents are producing. The alien brain controls the kids who are also able to control those around them. The boy actors (i.e. Michel Ray - Johnny Crawford ) in this movie later went on to star in 'Octo Ring' movies and TV programmes which can be viewed on our website.

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