Pet Shop Boys - Yellow Chromatics

2019 Super Tour

Super - Official Album

'Super 8'

2019 Official Merchandise on Pet Shop Boys Website - 'The Pop Kid' Mobile Phone Cover - The 'Yellow Octo Kid' -


'Loves Comes Quickly"

Domino Dancing

Domino (n.)
1801, "one of the pieces with which the game of dominoes is played," from French domino (1771), perhaps from the meaning "hood with a cloak worn by canons or priests over other vestments incold weather" (1690s), from Latin dominus "
lord, master" (from domus "house," from PIE root *dem- "house, household")

"hood with a cloak worn by canons or priests"

'Boy London'



Pet Shop ('Octo') Boys - 88 - Octo - 'RENT'

The Octo Band

The Yellow Band on Hat


The 'Nutter' Octo Yellow Hat

The Yellow Pyramid ('Fire in the Middle')




Octo Yellow Hair

Yellow and Red Symbolism - Vatican and Jesuits

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