Octo Analysis

Octo Analysis is an easy and fascinating approach to occult research. ['Occult' is a Latin word which simply means 'Hidden']. It is a 'toolset' one can apply in order to ascertain whether or not something is part of the Octagon System. The model works on the principle of 'Pattern Recognition' which is the process of recognising patterns by applying the 4 filters of Octozone.

The model below outlines that there are 4 different filters that one can apply:

- Symbology: the study, use and meaning of symbols.
- Etymology: the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning.
- Numerology: the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas.
- (Occult) Chromatics: the study of colours and their occult meanings / codes.

The data extracted from these filters can be classified accordingly from the patterns observed. These patterns can be viewed either in the physical or virtual (digital) world.

The patterns that are relevant to 'Octo Analysis' are:

Symbol: Octagon   Number:  8   Colour: Yellow   Etymology: Words / Phrases relevant to the patterns

Such examples include specific configurations in images, particular symbols and objects, frequent combinations / appearance of words or phrases, number patterns, colour combinations, etc. The range of situations and environments of how these can patterns can appear can be quite varied. It could be colours on clothes, symbols on furniture, or the architecture of a building. Thus, when undertaking 'Octo Analysis', approach it using a broad spectrum of source material. 

Now that you have the basics of these research filters, you can progress this understanding further with the information and examples provided below. Read carefully and understand the information presented and by the end you will be able to undertake your own 'Octo Analysis'. If you don't get it at first reading, don't worry, simply go over it again until you've grasped it!


In simple terms, symbology is study of the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities. Normally these symbols are objects which give a meaning that is often quite deep and significant. However, an action, event or word spoken by somebody else may also have 'Symbolic' value. It all depends on the context in which they are used. It is important to remember that no symbol within itself is either good or bad - but neutral. Its power comes from how it is used, by whom and for what purpose.


Learning how to recognise and understand symbols is a skill that must be learnt. It takes time! This is called Symbol Literacy.  A symbol can be seen as a literary device which contains different layers of meaning. These meanings are often concealed at first viewing. This is called 'Occult' symbolism. 'Occult' is simply a latin word meaning 'hidden'. Hence, the meaning of a symbol is often 'hidden' in plain sight. You can only understand its true meaning if you study the symbols! In everyday life we are presented with many types of symbols through the media, films, video games, etc. Having a solid grounding in Occult Symbolism with equip you with a very powerful firewall against its power. [ Firewall:  A psychological 'wall' or 'shield' that protects your unconscious mind from occult programmes/stimuli. ]

In the context of the 'Octagon System' the main (obvious) symbol is of course the Octagon.

In this website you will find lots of examples of how and where the Octagon is used media, films, architecture, religion and its occult meaning. Choose the category opposite that interests you the most and take it from there. But let's take a basic example from Stanley Kubrick's 1999 film 'Eyes Wide Shut'.  We see from the promotional movie image the symbol of an Octagon. Therefore, Kubrick is sending a signal/communication about Octagon.

In the film itself, again we see Kubrick use the object of a picture frame to embed the symbol of Octagon. There is many other examples throughout the film. Octozone highly recommends watching this film through 'educated eyes'.  


Another example of a symbol is a logo! In everyday life we are bombarded with them.

 Let's look at the logo of Chase Manhattan Bank of America: What is this logo representing? What is it telling us?

Two of the most important Octagon symbols that you are ever going to come across is that of the Vatican and Hollywood. Burn this symbolism into your mind as they form the basis on which the Octagon system is built upon.

Aerial View of the Vatican, Rome, Italy.


If you are new to the world of Occult Symbolism, this presentation by senior occult researcher Jordan Maxwell will give you a very good grounding on the subject.

Irish researcher, Michael Tsarion - Presentation: Use of Sacred Symbolism In Modern Times


Nearly everybody has heard or knows the old adage of "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.". It is often used by children as a defence against name-calling and verbalised bullying. Its usage helps to build a barrier, avoid physical contact, defuse the situation and increase a child's confidence. However, there within lies the paradox. Words are actually extremely dangerous! As humans, we are WORD controlled beings. We use them to communicate to each other. Therefore, not knowing the 'true' origin or meaning of words puts one at risk of those words being used in negative way to control us and do us harm. Let's explore this fascinating area more.

Words are Swords and they can cut deep, very deep.

For instance, if someone came up to you and called you a bully, you won't feel very good about yourself, would you? Whereas, if someone says you are a nice person, that would make you feel positive! However, all is not what is seems!

So, what is a word? Etymology informs us of the following:

As one can see, a word can be a lot of things. They are formed by putting together letters in a certain sequence that represent sounds. In the English language, we use the 26 letter alphabet to form and spell words.

A solid understanding of words is probably one of the most powerful firewalls one can have. If you are ready to open yourself up to the world of etymology, you will begin to see WORLDS in WORDS!

From the day you are born until the day you die, you will CONTRACT with the state, employers, partners, companies, banks, etc. A very useful technique in finding other words [worlds] within words is  'Word Splitting'.


We see from the above example that by splitting the word we are able to find the true (occult) meaning of CONTRACT which is to do with Maritime Commerce. In the website we explore concepts around Maritime Commence in greater detail.

In English there are estimated to be roughly 1 million words in the language;

These words are generally derived from one of several main sources:
  • - Germanic for common pronouns
  • - Latin for more formal and scientific words which are regarded as more educated
  • - French (which is itself derived from Latin) for legal and other terms
  • - Greek for medical and political terms

For personal vocabulary, it is estimated that:

  • - A good college graduate has a vocabulary of 40,000 words
  • - A school leaver will have roughly 16,000 words
  • - The average vocabulary is 20,000 words (Average Joe Public)

Interestingly, however, although the average vocabulary is 20,000 words, most people use about 2,000 words for 90% of the time.

As we can see from the above diagram, languages like English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian come from a Latin base. That is why English and French are quite similar as they both borrow words from each other. When looking at the etymology of a word, it is also important to look at its Latin meaning and beyond. Why? Because words can mean different things in different languages at different times in history.

In terms of Octozone analysis, there is two very good websites that Octozone recommends you use when doing your own research into the etymology of a word:

ENGLISH: Etymology Online

FRENCH: CNRTL - Centre National de Resources Textuelles et Lexicales

There are many good language and dictionary websites online to choose from - go find them. Remember, you must be open to all languages particularly Latin, Hebrew, French, English, etc.

In essence, any word can be associated with the 'Octagon System' as its mainly dependent on the context that the word is used in. Also remember that symbols can be used to represent certain words. Hence, in a film you may see a certain object in a scene that represents a word, but you don't actually see the word itself.  In that instance, always look up the word!

In this website we have provided many etymological breakdowns of various words and their connections to other words either in the same or different language. Many of the words are connected (almost exclusively!) to Maritime Admiralty Law and Business - The Law of the Sea / Water.  While others are mainly connected to sexual meanings.  For example, take this image from the the TV series 'The Simpsons'. Would you have known what 'Duff' meant by looking at it? Probably not! Thus, knowing the true actual meaning of a word reveals its OCCULT (hidden) meaning.


Here is another example of etymology in action! When you are asked a question by somebody, your teacher, the police, or authority, you are expected to provide an 'answer' through words (either spoken or written). Do you understand what an 'Answer' really is?

If you are new to the area of words and etymology and their occult meanings, this 7- hour presentation is a good place to start:

The Golden Web - Part 1

The Golden Web - Part 2

The Golden Web - Part 3

Etymology is probably the most powerful tool you have in breaking mind control. Thus, give it respect and time it demands! Remember;

The ultiminate aim of studying etymology is that you acquire a tool which will enable you to 'cut with words' when required. 

Numerology / Gematria

Numbers are every where! They are a form of language shared and used by the entire earth. A form of energy if you will. Understanding numbers helps one make connections and recognise patterns that can be occult. This can be very useful useful in everyday life, particulary against the programming capabilities of films, TV and media in general. If one does not understand numbers, they can be used to 'numb' us. So let us explore this subject a little further.


Gematria is the method of assigning an alpha-numeric value to a letter, word or phrase based on its constitute letters.

For example: In English, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a specific numeric value.

A single word or phrase can yield multiple values depending on the cipher used [a secret or disguised way of writing; a code].  Thus, if we take the world 'God', the alphanumeric value in the English alphabet would be:

G = 7   O = 15    D = 7 + 15 + 4 = 26

The Letter-to-Number Cipher above consists in replacing each letter by its position in the alphabet.

On the website Gematrinator Online, we can see the same word used with different

Another example from the website Gematrix.org - we can see the words 'Date God Was Born' in English Gematria equals 888

or the word 'Numerology' itself!

Gematria is a powerful tool that can unlock hidden codes in plain sight in order to reach a deeper meaning (decipher). It helps us probe, explore, and dissect letters and words in a way which leads to different perspectives.

In terms of Octozone analysis, the main number - CODE - is the number 8.


In this website we have provided tons of examples as to how '8' numerology is used to communicate the presence of 'Octagon'. It can be specific as to the array of letters used to denote 'Octo' but also very varied as to the type of words, objects or concepts used. For example:

- The ' E 3'  '3 E' Code: E (the 5th letter of the English alphabet) + 3 = 8. This is probably one of the most commonly used codes in film, graphics and media. 

Let's take the 1980's Pop Band 'Duran Duran' for instance, this was their logo:

Another example is the contemporary pop artist called 'Lady GAGA'.

Both use a different combination of letters (& sometimes numbers) and words to communicate the same concept - OCTAGON.

If you remember the film from the Symbology section 'Eyes Wide Shut', note the alpha-numeric (occult) value of the film title:

Octozone recommends these two gematria tools for your research:


Gematrix Online

:: Resources ::

Alphabet & Number Remembering Trick

Gematria Database

Gematria For Beginners: The Art and Science Behind Jewish Numerology

and finally, never forget that:


The study of Colour, called 'Chromatics' ['Chromatology' 'Chromatography'] is a deep and fascinating subject to research. Colour plays a major role in everyday life. It allows us to express who we are, keeps us safe on the roads (Red 'Stop' Green 'Go'), it can influence our emotions and moods, but it is also a method of Communication / Signaling between people & organisations. It is this particular specific aspect of Chromatic Communication / Signaling that Octozone deals with: Occult Chromatism: The State of Being Coloured with a specific colour or combinations of them to communicate a message, desire or to elicit an effect. i.e. Predictive Programming - which is the belief that our governments or higher power forms use movies, music videos, books, magazines, news, and 'the media' in general as a tool for mass mind control by making the public more open to future planned events. For example, a pandemic viral outbreak!

If we take a look at the colour representation used by the 'BloodZ' V's 'CrípZ' and the 'Republican Party' V's the 'Democratic Party', what is it telling us? It's basically a colour code which is a system for displaying information by using different colours.

So, where does one begin with such a big topic? In terms of 'Octo Analysis', we are going to keep it basic! Firstly, let's start with Chromatics which is simply another word for colour (and its character.) Let's take a brief look at the etymology of the word itself. Note the references to skin, body and colour.

Equally, we are informed by numerology that the word is rendered to 8 in English gematria.

The chromatic that we are most preoccupied with is YELLOW, as this is the colour which represents the entity of Octagon. This colour signifies control of everything, be it government, religion, banking, maritime business, sport, entertainment and so on. 

In the etymology section above, we briefly outlined that a word can have different meanings in different languages. The world 'Yellow' is a perfect example of this. Lets look at the difference between English and French. It's probably not what you think it is!

The French word for 'Yellow' is 'Jaune': Note the specific meanings from the different time periods but relate the 1899 definition to today's so called 'Yellow Vest' movement in France.

Sometimes other colours can be used in alongside the Octagon Yellow - either stand alone or in mixed combination. It all depends on the context of the media and the various signals present - i.e. Symbolism, Etymology, Numerology.

For example, Red is the main one. This denotes the Jesuits/Vatican.

Whereas Yellow and Red used together in a certain context means something very specific.

The way Yellow is represented can also take different forms. For example, Blond is actually Yellow!



In the categories opposite, there is plenty of examples provided of how and where Yellow ( & Red) are used.


You are now equipped with all the fundamental tools and knowledge required to start doing your own Octo-Analysis. With time and effort, you will learn to train your eyes to 'Octo Spot' when watching movies, TV, etc. If you do your own analysis, we would love to see your work. Simply publish your findings on Social Media with the hashtag #octozone and we will find it thereafter!