Monarch Butterfly Symbolism


Monarch Butterfly - What does it really symbolise?

Ever since, ever since, the 'Monarch Butterfly' has represented 'Mind Control Programming' for most people. Once we see it, it's tagged accordingly and we move on. In his analysis, Vigilant Citizen outlines the:

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

A must read for anyone new to this subject. But has the symbolism of the 'Monarch' ever really being explored in great detail? At Octozone, we want to post challenging information that sets a new direction and focus for the occult research community in general. Hence, let's explore the Monarch Symbol in more detail.


Why did the 'Elites' choose this butterfly as their 'Programming' symbol? Is it because it naturally has ' 3 E ' on its wings?

Is there more to this symbol than meets the EYE ?

We propose that the 'Monarch Butterfly' is in fact an 'Octagon' symbol. Let's take a brief look at its use in popular music culture.

Michael Jackson - note the phallic symbolism embedded with the '3 E' code.

Mariah Carey - look closely at the end of the wings. Note the stylised '3 E' at the end of the wings.

and another........

and another........with '3 E' coding............We could go get the point....


'The 88 Butterly' - NOT ONLY, but also.....


Some words of wisdom..................


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