The Red Shoes

The esoteric meaning of the colour Red and in particular, Red Shoes.

1. Red is the colour of natural sexual arousal. Therefore red represents Fertility of Nature or LOVE and/or Passion.

Red is the color of Love and Romance.

Red Light District of Amsterdam -- SEX (XXX). This is why stage strippers and sex workers wear RED - to signal their sex services.

Red represents the female menstrual cycle that starts during teenage years. Red symbolises that one is of age to have sexual intercourse.

Our Red Bloody Heart is what we are in LOVE and HATE with. The symbol of our SOUL.

2. Red is the colour of Blood. i.e. Blood sacrifice.

3. Red can also mean death.

Feet are a symbol of one's LIFE. Shoes reflect who you are as well as your personality. Our feet are what we use to walk through life, they symbolise our heart and our SOUL. This is why our shoes have SOLES. Sole = Soul, bottom of a shoe (Hell).

Feet (shoes) Walk -- life. Soul (Sole). Life & Death.


Research Link: - Gratitude to Fiona Barnett


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