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As outlined in the Octo Ring Model page, research thus far demonstrates that the Symbolism, Numerology and Chromatics of the 'Octo Ring' is derived almost exclusively from the Boys Scouts of America - of which Speilberg was a member of for many years, ultimately becoming an 'Eagle Scout'. (See below). Hence, he would have a broad knowledge of the organisation's symbology et al. Speilberg is also an avid admirer/collector of the American painter & illustrator Norman Rockwell - and took great inspiration from him. Rockwell, like Speilberg, was also closely involved with the Boy Scouts of America - for over 60 years. Research thus far demonstrates that Rockwell was the first person to develop (1912) and embed the 'Octo'  '8'  'E 3 - 3 E' codes into his artwork and Speilberg copied this technique into his own films.

Boy Scouts of America: Symbolism - Chromatics - Numerology

Steven Speilberg talks about this particular Norman Rockwell painting which hangs in his office. Listen for a few minutes from this point. 

Norman Rockwell



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Video: 'Fully Sourced' - The Dark Side of Steven Speilberg and Hollywood

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Pederastic Park? by Adam Parfrey

In 2011, non-fiction publishers 'Feral House' ran an article in their "Answer Me!" magazine entitled: Pederastic Park?

September 2011 - Feral House Publishing
Answer Me! No. 3, pp. 114-17

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Parfrey asks some important questions and highlights several important observations for consideration.

'The NAMBLA Bulletin has a special column called “Boys in the Media,”......L. Martin, who writes the “Boys in the Media” column, spoke by phone about Stephen Spielberg and Hook. “Spielberg is known for his interest in young boys, certainly,” said Martin. “A lot of the members have been talking about Hook, telling me how much they enjoyed it.” NAMBLA spokesman Renato Corazza refused to confirm or deny Spielberg’s possible membership in the Man/Boy Love Association: “We don’t divulge our membership rolls.” And is it merely accidental that another pederastic magazine goes by the acronym P.A.N. (Paedo Alert News)?'


'Dance of the Warriors, a futuristic fantasy about a warrior cult of young boys who fight right-wing Christians for the privilege of having sex with aging boy-lovers, sports on its cover a salt-and-pepper boy couple who almost precisely mirror two of Spielberg’s Lost Boys.'

A couple of movie stills from Speilberg's 1993 'Hook' movie.

What is it? An Essay by Crispin Glover

Michael Jackson - Various Symbolism

Owen Benjamin on Steven Spielberg

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Actor Isaac Kappy on Steven Spielberg

TV Series - American Dad

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