Taken - 2002 - TV Mini-Series

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Jordan Maxwell - Senior Occult Researcher on Speilberg's 'Taken'.

".....if you can imagine how much money it costs to finance Steven Spielberg to make a 90-minute movie, if you can just imagine? If you contract with him to be the Executive Producer to pay for a movie that he produces, can you imagine how much money it's going to cost you? Because he doesn't go cheap! Well, he made a 19 hour television series, 19 hours. Somebody financed him to the tune of 19 hours, to Steven Spilberg to make a television series called 'Taken' in which that was one of his most important subjects in his life - is his concept of Aliens taking people, not just reptiles but the whole concept of other world entities coming and kidnapping humans, and so it was called 'Taken'. Well the movie 'Taken' actually comes from a book by Dr. Karla Turner, a lady Doctor who was probably the best UFO researcher in the world. Far as I am concernced she was top of everybody."  Jordan Maxwell - Reptilian Lecture

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