Corona Virus 2020 Part II

The Con of ConFineMent - Fly the Yellow Flag!

Sanitise the Insanity

The Vatican, Rome , Jesuits and Coronavirus

They worship;

This might explain why 13 begins all their operations:

and remember

is the 8th prime (Octo)

and believe any of this is a real event.

Smell The Bullshit?

Be vigilant and use all your decode tools. Things are getting strange and being passed around on social media as "emotional bombs" to get you thinking into the negatives. To get you to believe that something exists that actually doesnt! Be able to tell the truth from the false and to fortify our defenses in the process. Read with your occult knowledge and practical sense.


Check out cushion '3 E - E 3' cog symbolism and H=8 black and white duality.

best of all it was 'After Day 5/6' = 56 I was feeling better but the on day 7.

65 backwards is 56.  Need one say more?

Now, it may sound heartless, but I know that Heather is an A.I. and the photos are probably stolen and used for this post

There will be much much more of these posts going on! 

179 is the 41th prime 41 = 13

Testing Positive for Stein

The actors and tricksters are all out telling us how we shouldnt do this and do that.

We should be doing this and that.

but his name really mean El and Baal?

and now they are saying Harvey Weinstein has the virus?

remember 19 is the 8th prime and thats no

but covid 19 is all an act...................!

What a Cow!

Octo control is 'Out in Force Order' (33) 'Out of Chaos' (19,46)

33 Masonry

Meanwhile, at the French H.Q. of the Cult of Octogon

Jérome Salomon
Directeur Généal de la Santé

The Irish Messiah Speaks


Note he is wearing a.....



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