Palace of Westminster - England, UK

Parliament UK
'Central Lobby is the core of the Palace of Westminster and was designed by Charles Barry as a meeting place for Members of both Houses..... It is a lofty stone Octagon with an intricately tiled floor,'

'The Palace of Westminster contains over 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases and 4.8 [8888] kilometers (3 miles) of passageways, which are spread over four floors. It has a floor area of 112,476 square meters'. [ 1+1+2+4+7+6= 21 ] [ 777 ] Vatican

Central Lobby Floor


'Originally named “Octagon Hall” because of its shape, the Central Lobby is the heart of the Palace of Westminster.'

Central Lobby Ceiling

The Peers Lobby Floor - Octogon

Listen to Senior Occult researcher Mr. Jordan Maxwell explain explain the 'Double Square' or '8 Pointed Star' - Listen at this point for a few minutes:

Prince's Chamber

House of Lords Chamber

'It measures 13.7 by 24.4 meters (45 by 80 feet) '

Octogon Ceiling

House of Commons Chamber

Can accommodate only 427 [ 4 + 2 x 7=42] [8] of the 650 Members of Parliament ....The Chamber measures 14 by 20.7 meters (46 feet [8] [888] by 68 feet [888888]).

'Hear, hear is an expression used as a short, repeated form of hear him. It represents a listener's agreement with the point being made by a speaker. The phrase hear him, hear him! was used in Parliament from late in the 17th century, and was reduced to hear! or hear, hear! by the late 18th century. The verb hear had earlier been used in the King James Bible as a command for others to listen.',_hear

St. Stephen's Hall

Westminister Hall

Westminster Hall, the oldest existing part of the Palace of Westminster, was erected in 1097 [8], at which point it was the largest hall in Europe. Westminster Hall has the largest clearspan medieval roof in England, measuring 20.7 by 73.2 meters (68 [888888] by 240 [8] [888] feet)


Downing Street, Westminister, England, UK.

The residence and office of the Prime Minister of the UK.


Listen to Jordan Maxwell explaining the 7-Rayed Symbol


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Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Downing Street Entrance (Whitehall)

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